Welcome to Rebuilding Traditions on Little Nicklebush Farm

Welcome to Rebuilding Traditions!

My name is Janolyn and I’ve been a dedicated farmer since 1986. Improving my farm has been my driving passion since the first day I set foot on it, and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you! I post blogs every week or so, about life on the farm, projects I’ve completed.

My daughter, Katrina, is a vital part of my farm.  Visit Little Nicklebush Farm and take her delightful tour of the animals we have chosen and why.  She will also tell you what is available for sale and at stud.

I will soon be offering workshops and seminars to teach you some of the skills that I have mastered. Sign up to my mailing list to be informed of when these are happening.

Please check out my blog and don’t forget to ask questions and make comments. That is how I will get better at helping you.


Welcome to Rebuilding Traditions on Little Nicklebush Farm — 4 Comments

  1. Hello this is Robin the lady you came to get the chicken coop and chickens and the frozen food. It was nice to meet you and help you out. What ever resources i can help you with for food i will. I wanted to ask you where you get your grass hay? and how much?

    • Hello Robin. Thank you so much for the scrap food. It is being loved here.
      I got this years grass hay from Jim Shaw in Chimacum. I know that Roger Short has some available that is great hay too. We picked it up in the field so that price is no longer available so check with them about price and availability.

  2. Hi,
    My son Nick was at your farm last Sunday. Thank you for your kindness and hospitality in showing him around. I absolutely love the products he brought home. I would love to meet you al one day soon but in the meantime please tell me what the two small bottles were with initials SB and WM? Nick could not remember. I’m going to tell everyone about your amazing products.. Send me you phone number too please. Thank you!
    Lisa Toscano

    • Thank you Lisa for your note! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Nick and we love showing our farm to people. Perhaps you’d like to come visit next weekend? Nick has Katrina’s number and email address, so feel free to text, call or email us anytime.
      We’re so glad you liked our products! The bottles contained some of our new lotion scents. SB has been renamed to “Warm Grass” on our website. This scent was made with eucalyptus, grapefruit, and lemongrass. WM has been renamed to “Walk In The Woods” and contains pine, cedar, and sandalwood. These two scents are in review and may be renamed soon. That is why we are hesitating on labeling these yet. If you have a great inspiration for names, please let us know!

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