It is Spring!


These last couple months of winter have been extremely difficult. When I went to change over the title on my new vehicles last month, I ended up having to pay for new plates and tabs, even though the ones they had were current.

Then at the beginning of the month I accidentally paid my credit card bill twice, and it will take up to a month to process my refund.

And finally the propane milk fridge at the farm broke, and it cost over $600 to fix it (propane fridges are rare and expensive, and apparently so are their workmen).
$1200 in unexpected expenses within 6 weeks.

And the last part of the winter is always the hardest. Most of the time the farm pays for its own expenses with the sales of eggs and animals and such. But during the winter no babies are being born and the animals aren’t producing anything to sell.

But they’re still eating… Ohhhh are they still eating.

And this is when the hay runs out…

Then our first batch of ducklings didn’t make it through the cold snap, and an entire litter of piglets (worth apprx $1,000) were stillborn.
We swallowed hard, buried those poor little piggies, and tightened our belts another notch.

But we’ve made it. We have 5 beautiful baby goats, all born happy and healthy (and even the genders that we wanted!) with more due any day. 4 litters of bunnies have been born, and even our first-time momma did a perfect job. The chickens are laying like crazy, and we have sweet, delicious goat milk in our fridges again.

Another crazy stressful winter is over, and spring… Spring is beautiful.

About Katrina Lester

I drew my first breath in a tiny house on Little Nickelbush Farm. It didn't have the name yet, but I grew up steeped in its spirit. Now I'm nearly 25, with a young daughter that I'm teaching the same principles to. It's a long road, but a fun one!

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