Mare Mired, Miraculously Moved


During Mom’s birthday party on Sunday, I found my mare upside down in our deep, narrow creek. She was surrounded by alder saplings, the largest of which her neck had landed against, had pushed her head around onto her shoulder and was restricting her breathing. Her front half was almost in a normal laying position, but her back was twisted and both back legs were lying against the steep creek bank, pointed almost straight up.

It was one of the most frightening moments of my life… You’d better believe I screamed for my mama like a scared kid.
Everybody came running… Mom, her boyfriend Sam, my 4 brothers, and 3 of our kids that were visiting for Mom’s Bday.

We were a well-oiled machine… Mom and I instantly went to the horse, soothing her and making sure she didn’t move. Sam ran for the handsaw, and my brothers started clearing brush and ripping small trees out of the ground with their bare hands.
When Sam got back with the saw, my oldest brothers took turns sawing away the larger saplings with a speed I’ve never seen before. When one started to get winded, the other jumped in, while my younger brothers hauled the cut trees out of the way and calmed the frantic children.

When they got to the tree holding her neck back, I covered her eyes and leaned over her head to keep her safe and still. 3 brothers held the tree while the other sawed as quickly as his arms could move…
The tree came free, was instantly snatched out of the way, and all of us sprang back.
Her neck unfolded, and she laid in the creek for a heart-stopping minute while she rested. Finally, Sam got her foal to nicker to her, which Moon responded to with incredible effort. She scrambled with her front legs until she could twist around enough to kick off from the creek bank with her back legs. She climbed out of the creek bed, gathered her foal to her side, and walked off to graze.

No cuts. No noticeable bruising, swelling, heat, or tenderness. No panic, colic, limping, or appetite change. One tiny droplet of blood on one ankle from a blackberry poke.
And the rescue took less than 10 minutes.

Thank god my brothers were there… Sure, their children may be traumatized for life, but my horse is fine! Thank you guys SO much. You’re my heroes…
Mom and I signed up for this crazy life, but you saved the day this time.

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