Muscovy Miracle

Miracle 4

There has been a miracle here on the farm.  At least I will call it that for lack of a better term.  I am sure that the 4 little Muscovy ducklings that I was about to put down considers it a miracle that they can walk again.

We have been having a little bit of a confusing situation with some of the second clutch of ducklings.  They would have a foot curled up and be walking on the top of that foot.  I would put them in a holding area so they did not get left behind someplace and they would be there for a couple of days and be okay again.  This is the first year that we have raised Muscovys and did not have a clue what was going on.  I did research but could not find any answers.

Last week I had to separate 4 out that were walking funny and I watched them get worse and worse.  To the point that they were dragging one leg behind them or not even moving a leg. I was considering putting them down so that they did not suffer.  I will not allow that to happen if I can help it.

So on Sunday I looked online one more time.  I went past the websites that had not helped me and found one that was all about birds of any sort.  I was on my phone by the holding area so I did not try to research, I just wrote an email and explained what was going on.  Right there in the rain, I reached out for help.

The website I contacted was Beauty Of Birds and by the end of that day the webmaster responded.  That in itself was impressive.  And top that with a specific answer and an interest in the outcome.  Here is what she told me.

Waterfowl that are lame typically have a niacin deficiency.   “As a supplement, it can be added to the water (it’s water soluble); however, the water needs to be changed pretty quickly (how quickly depends on temperatures / contamination, etc.).  You could also add it to the food they eat (like on wholegrain bread).   Alternatively, increase the amount of niacin-rich foods in their diet: … Please be careful though. Some foods are toxic to birds, such as avocado.”

Then she added, “Young birds in particular have an amazing capacity to regenerate and overcome health problems quite quickly. So I wouldn’t think of destroying them until this has been tried.”

Since I am a believer in natural healing I do not have a lot of pharmaceutical supplements around but I do have Nutritional Yeast.  I immediately put a liberal amount on their grain.  And again the next morning and every morning since.  Today is Thursday and I let those ducklings out of the holding area today and they ran…..and I mean RAN, to the creek.  They had water, but they wanted the creek and the freedom!  To me it is miraculous how something as simple as Niacin can make a difference between life and the death of those ducklings.

In 4 days those ducklings went from totally lame to running!  How cool is that!!!

I have studied natural health and healing for people and use what I know for the animals in my care.  And I am totally sure that our Creator made everything for our healing and health.  This is another example of His wisdom.

I want to publicly thank Sibylle for her quick response and for saving the lives of my Muscovy ducklings.  They spoke their thanks in the mad dash for the creek!

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Muscovy Miracle — 3 Comments

  1. I’m so glad you found the answer. Nothing is more amazing than the bodies ability to heal when provided with the correct ingredients.

  2. I love happy endings :)
    We have had problems that we have come across that have ended up being linked to nutrition.
    Glad you found out what was wrong.

  3. It makes perfect sense to me that nutrient deficiencies can cause physical issues in animals. This is certainly the case with people, so why not with animals. Glad that you were able to give them what they needed to bounce back. I agree that our Creator has given us many natural things to heal :).

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