My First Soap Of The Year


Today is another great day for me.  I have made my first batch of fresh goat’s milk soap.  It has been at least 5 years since I made any and I feel accomplished.  Digging out and cleaning all the tools and making a place to work was just the beginning. Which recipe would I use?  Which process?  What scent?


I used one of my favorite recipes from Elaine C. White, SOAP RECIPES 70 tried-and-true ways to make modern soap.  “Pure Soap” is made with all coconut oil which “makes a very hard bar of soap and produces the best lather of any handmade soap.”  In the past I have used this recipe with coffee and grounds which takes the smell of most things off of my hands.  It never totally got rid of all the buck goat smell, but it came closer than anything else I ever used.  While I had it, I also used the unscented version for my hair.

The standard recipe calls for the oil to be heated to a certain temperature and the lye/water mix to be another certain temperature before mixing them together.  Then I would have to stir it frequently for 2 hours.

This time I tried a different process….making it cold and using a stick blender.  I had read about making it this way so I thought that I would try it. It took a lot less time to make, 30 minutes, and I like the smoothness of the soap as I put it into the molds.  I put the milk in cold at the end too.  I have always had a hard time watching my milk burn up in the lye with the standard recipes.  I think that this will turn out much better.  When it went into the molds it was pure white and looked good enough to eat.  As the chemical reaction began, the soap turned into the most luxurious color; kind of like caramelized milk.  For this batch I did not add a scent so I could test it and see what the soap itself would turn out to be.  I think it will be amazing.

For molds I use 3 inch PVC pipe cut into 1 inch slices.  When done, the bars are about 4 ounces each.  For smaller bars I have 2 inch pipe cut the same way and these make about 3 ounce bars.  I rubber band a piece of plastic wrap to the bottom in case the cut is not exactly flat, which some of them aren’t.  These are easy to get the soap out of when the time comes and I really like the round shape.


Tomorrow afternoon I will take the soap out of the molds and put them on a rack to dry.  It will take 3 weeks before I know if this experiment came out good or not.

I tell you what……I will give away 5 test bars to the first 5 people who sign up for my newsletter.  If you already receive my newsletter, email me and I will send it to you anyway.  If these bars are not useable for any reason, I will give you one of the next batches.  And if you give me a review, I will give you another bar.  That sounds like a good deal to me.

What are your favorite soap scents?

About Janolyn

I am a mother of 5 wonderful children, 4 boys and 1 girl. During the years that my children were growing up, we grew most of our own food with a vegetable garden, many fruit trees and berry patches. I grew flowers for joy. We milked goats and raised our own meats and eggs. I learned to make my own cheeses, butter, canned foods, sourdough, and fermented foods. I made our own health products like soap, hand creams, lip balm, and herbal tinctures. We live off the power grid and have learned to do without conveniences that most Americans consider essential. The land clearing and building has been mostly accomplished with hand tools; some of them even the right tool for the job. After a couple of miscarriages between #2 and #3 due to “standard medical procedures”, I consulted a midwife and my last 3 children were born safely at home. That was when I was first alerted to the fact that doctors did not know everything nor would they have the time to share it with their patients if they did. As I learned the basic principles of heath-through-nutrition from my midwife, I learned alternative gardening practices from her husband. That introduction started a lifelong love of learning the practical life of our ancestors. I want to share what I have been learning with you and learn from those who are also living a sustainable life.


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  1. Hi Janolyn I loved your goat milk articles making Soap Soft Cheese Kiefer everything. The pictures were great. Thanks for sharing….very nice articles. You are a very ambitious hard working gal!!!!

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