Raising Our Own

Farm Collage,2

I have written about getting good wholesome, organic, grass fed meats, eggs, and dairy for better health.  I had a farm for all the growing up years of my children where I did just that.  We raised our own.  When I had to make my own living outside the home too, I found that it was too much to do.  So I gave up most of my animals and let the garden go back to grass.

That has now changed back.  Thank you God!  I have always loved my farm.  I have loved making things grow and eating the fruits of my own labors.  What a total blessing that has been.  I am getting it back.  Pressed down and shaken together.  The above picture is the current extent of our livestock.

I have had chickens on my farm since early this spring and love having the great eggs that come from well fed chickens.   And I had 6 Muscovy ducks, 2 mothers and 4 babies, but the coyotes have gotten the babies.  I am looking for a farm protecting dog.  I love the dog I have, but he thinks that he is a lap dog and is useless for protecting the stock.

My daughter bought an Arab mare that is pregnant with a Friesian foal.  We have never foaled before but are well acquainted with the process with other animals.  We are looking forward to the birth in June.  The original plan is to sell the foal, but as I look at pictures of the Friesians I may just have to keep it around.  I have trained several horses but it has been years since I started with a baby.

Then came the Katahdin sheep.  These sheep do not need sheered, but shed their coats every spring.  They are mostly bred for meat and that is a new source for me.  I can’t wait to see the babies.

We picked up another 8 chickens and a hen house.  These are of a couple breeds that I have to research.  I know the rooster is Rhode Island Red, but the others are new to me.  I love the learning process.

Next we purchased some Guinea hog mixes.  These are a smaller breed for farmsteading and are easily handled.  I have never produced our own baby pigs but that is now on the agenda. The young females that we have are so cute.  I have heard that they can be trained like dogs.  This I gotta see!

At the same time, we picked up a Holstein beef calf.  Cute little bugger.  I know exactly how to raise him.

We just brought home 2 young LaMancha goats and a milking Saanen.  I have been missing my girls and now I am getting some back.  I am totally looking forward to seeing their babies in the spring.  There is nothing cuter in the whole world than a kid goat learning to run, jump, and play.  We are getting a LaMancha buck for breeding this fall, and a Guernsey buckling for next year.   Hey!  I might even go back packing with my goats again!  That would be exciting.

So here it is.  We are raising our own meat, eggs, and dairy again.  There is no better way to insure that we have a clean wholesome source of food.

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