With One Thing And Another


Four weeks have gone by in a flash.  That is one of the interesting things about farming; days are full and overflowing with things to do.

I have the usual chores to do and I am making cheese about every 3 days.  Chores themselves take about 1 1/2 to 2 hours every morning and 1/2 hour every night.  I have cleaned the chicken house and caught the baby pigs that were left when the mother decided to go find the boar again.  Now I get to feed these guys instead of the mother doing it.

I obtained a 1926 Maytag wringer washer and I am using that and my outdoor line for laundry.  Oh, how I love the smell of line dried clothes.


I have been working on my house.  The roof leaks so I have been up there several times to find the leaks and patch them.  I am trying to get the inside ready to live in again.  I miss my house.  Living in an RV is not the easiest thing.  I have a lot of work to do on this project.

I have been making soap.  My new favorite scent is anise.  Yummy!  It will be a couple of weeks before I can use that one, but you can bet I’ll have that in the house soon.

I have been trying…..and trying to get labels made so that I can sell my soap.  I don’t know if it is the printer, the computer, the program, or the labels but nothing I try has worked. There are hours that I have lost in that process that frustrates me.  The note in my journal for a whole day says “worked on all, failed on all.”

Work is progressing around the farm……until Katrina got distracted and our major helper finished working off the goat pack saddles that he wanted.  But I will keep going.  Things have to get done.  We still need a better fence for the chickens but the one for the goats is great.  I love seeing the property for the first time in years as the girls clean the blackberries out.

I have been asked to love on a baby pig so the new owner can have a pet.  That is totally what I can do.  Love on babies of all kinds.  But it takes time and one of them is a squealer.  No matter how much I work with her, she has to make a LOT of noise.  But she is at least not shaking anymore and I can pet her in the pen without her running away.


I have a new grandson and a plethora of birthday parties to attend.

We have been working with the filly and very pleasantly surprised at her progress.  We filmed the work with her the second time in a halter.  See that here.

Then I work off the farm 4 days a week.  When I leave it takes the focus out of the day.  When I get home it takes a while to get back to work.  And there have been a couple of days with the heat that I have not made it past the patio table and a glass of water.

Living off the grid has its own challenges.  Like when I get ready to do something on my computer and I open it up to see that it did not get shut off properly and I have no battery to work with, or I find that I left something in the RV on and it drained the whole power supply……and sometimes it is too late in the evening to turn on a noisy generator.  In the summer when it is peaceful and quiet in the evenings the sound of the generator echoes across the valley and could disturb the neighbors 1/4 mile away so I go without power for another day.  I do enjoy time with candles.  It is a pleasant way to end a day.

And one of my favorite parts of summer, our yearly weekend long square dance.  That is a special time with special people.  Some come from Canada and some drive at least 2 hours to get there.  And Jim Hattrick is one of my favorite callers.  I wanna call like him when I grow up!

And summer is also loaded with produce to preserve for the winter.  I just started two batches of lacto-fermented pickles. I have harvested blueberries and there is a bunch of apples waiting to be made into applesauce and blackberries to pick.


I am ready for things to slow down a bit.  I started a hand braided rug that will be a project for quiet evenings.  I also found a beautiful piece of wood in the forest that I will be making into a headboard for my bed.  I have some more wandering around to find some more parts but that is an extremely pleasant job.

So with one thing and another four weeks have gone by.  I hope that your summer is going great.  Please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing.

About Janolyn

I am a mother of 5 wonderful children, 4 boys and 1 girl. During the years that my children were growing up, we grew most of our own food with a vegetable garden, many fruit trees and berry patches. I grew flowers for joy. We milked goats and raised our own meats and eggs. I learned to make my own cheeses, butter, canned foods, sourdough, and fermented foods. I made our own health products like soap, hand creams, lip balm, and herbal tinctures. We live off the power grid and have learned to do without conveniences that most Americans consider essential. The land clearing and building has been mostly accomplished with hand tools; some of them even the right tool for the job. After a couple of miscarriages between #2 and #3 due to “standard medical procedures”, I consulted a midwife and my last 3 children were born safely at home. That was when I was first alerted to the fact that doctors did not know everything nor would they have the time to share it with their patients if they did. As I learned the basic principles of heath-through-nutrition from my midwife, I learned alternative gardening practices from her husband. That introduction started a lifelong love of learning the practical life of our ancestors. I want to share what I have been learning with you and learn from those who are also living a sustainable life.


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  1. Sounds like you are busy as usual, which is a great way to spend life. I enjoy reading about the progress of your farm. Photo’s are good too.

    • Are you rebuilding the old house? Or are you fixing the barn to be the house? Remember when we walked around your barn dreaming of making it into a loft house. Still think it would be a good Idea!!

      • I am working on the old house. I want to take out the trailer. But until then, I am fixing the back bedrooms and making it one big room and clearing out the living room. Then I will close the other out and work on it as I can and live in the part I fixed…..and the RV. Going to be an interesting winter.

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